3 Fall Decorations To Transform Your Home

The summer is over, and 2020 is nearing its end (thankfully). With hopes for a new year, it is time to dress up houses in the warmth necessary for the coming months. Unfortunately, many people struggle to come up with the best ways to decorate their homes.

Warmer months are easier to decorate, especially the outside because of flowers and lawn ornaments, but when the cold arrives, the focus turns to the inside. While there are plenty of healthy and sturdy fall plants, like mums, what else can you use to bring color and worth into your space? How do you transform your area for the fall and coming winter? Three decorative elements help to resolve the next seasonal transition with beauty and grace.

Fall Wreath

1. Wreaths

Nope, wreaths are not just made for Christmas. Stick wreaths are a popular choice among home DIYers because of the item’s versatility. You can use ornaments from any holiday to create a unique set of wreaths that can completely alter your living space: exterior and interior. For example, you can use dyed black leaves and flowers with skeleton accents for a lovely and whimsical Halloween decoration, or you can use fall foliage and pinecones for Thanksgiving festivities.

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A wreath is an excellent way to transform an entry door or entryway. These decorations are inviting and warm, and with no limit on decorative ideas, you can use and reuse the wreaths for months and years to come.

Plaid chair

2. Plaid and Flannel

As the summer ends and transitions from fall to winter, the temperature begins to plunge, which means most people seek warmth. Plaid and flannel blankets are common during the cooling months, and by introducing the materials, you create a warm ambiance in your home for visitors. However, throw blankets and bedding are not the only way to incorporate the bold patterns of plaid and flannel. You can also include patterned curtains, kitchen towels and rugs for a somewhat country cabin aesthetic.

Pumpkins and Gourds

3. Pumpkins and Gourds

If you want to transform the exterior of your home, then consider buying a selection of pumpkins and gourds for the fall aesthetic you are after. Nothing says autumn more than several groupings of colorful vegetables. You can even break up the hard lines and contours by placing mums between, creating a bright and textured exterior.

However, do not be limited to only decorating the exterior of your home. You can also use a combination of gourds and pumpkins to decorate your dining table or fireplace.


The autumn is the final transitional phase of the year before winter and a new beginning. As many people worldwide have struggled through 2020, it is easy to say that 2021 must be better, so hold on to some optimism and transform your home in preparation for the coming winter and the end of a challenging year. If you would like more advice and information about home decorating and lifestyle choices, then continue reading The Calorie Myths, a blog dedicated to personal improvement.

3 Replies to “3 Fall Decorations To Transform Your Home”

  1. Lovely ….in my country it is still hot days nights are a little cool …..
    Getting ready for fall is nice …..

  2. Beautiful decorations for front porches, but our overnight temps are below freezing, can’t leave pumpkins out, any other ideas?

  3. Great question Debra. I found some very real looking plastic pumpkins at my local craft store this year and I used 2 of them on my back porch because we sometimes have animal visitors that bite the real ones. I think fake ones are a great option if you can find realistic looking ones. That way you can re-use them every year too. You can also try small hay bails with wooden crates on them, or colorful branches like dogwood.

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