5 Fave Podcasts for Health and Wellness

A little experimentation with healthy foods can help you figure out what your kids love, hate and tolerate. Remember to be creative. Your kids may think they hate carrots, but might change their minds if you puree some cooked carrots with a bit of olive oil, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Drive With Peter Attia, MD

Dr. Attia hosts one of the most popular health podcasts around, with more than 30 million downloads to date. On each two-hour episode, the doctor delves deep into topics like cancer research, vaccination and obesity, with insight derived from his history with the National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins and Stanford. If you want to get to the bottom of the latest and greatest health news without getting bogged down in technical jargon, you'll love Dr. Attia's understandable explanations of complex scientific concepts and his illuminating conversations with engaging guests like Guy Winch, Ph.D., who  coined the concept of "emotional first aid." Don't have two hours? Get your feet wet with one of the 15-minute Q&A episodes, in which Dr. Attia answers listeners' burning health questions.

Pursuing Health With Julie Foucher, MD, MS

Dr. Foucher's weekly podcast interviews both experts and people like us about the journey to live a happier, healthier life with the synergy of fitness and medicine. In addition to producing nearly 200 episodes of Pursuing Health so far, Dr. Foucher is a family doctor who has competed in the CrossFit Games four times, so she's no stranger to how a fitness regimen can truly change the way you feel and move through the world. I love the way the inspiring stories she covers give me a boost of motivation. Recently, Dr. Foucher interviewed an athlete who returned to competition after recovering from a brain aneurysm. 

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Huberman Lab

If you're looking for targeted podcasts that provide specific solutions for your health challenges, Huberman Lab has you covered. Dr. Andrew Huberman, a tenured Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine, connects with guests who help explain how our nervous system controls our moods, actions, motivations and physical prowess. My recent favorite episodes include "Improve Your Eyesight," "How To Be More Creative," and "Increase Your Focus." I've always wanted to learn more about how our minds really work and this podcast has given me invaluable insight into that area. 

Science Vs.

Do you want to know if that trendy diet, supplement or treatment really works as promised? With Science Vs., host Wendy Zukerman, a journalist who has a background in biomedical science breaks down a newsworthy notion to give the scoop about what we really need to know. Recent episodes have covered subjects as diverse as the Delta variant, supervolcanoes, astrology and lab-grown meat alternatives along with a bit of help from many super-smart guests. This Spotify original is available through Apple Podcasts. 

Radio Headspace

I find that taking a few minutes after I wake up to reflect on my intentions for the day helps me feel calm and serene even as challenges inevitably arise. If you need a bit of help to block out the noise and slow the onslaught of thoughts and information, try this daily meditation from Headspace Studios, makers of the hit Headspace meditation app. You'll find a new episode of Radio Headspace every weekday morning, and I suspect it will soon be a can't-miss part of your routine.

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