5 Unique Ways To Use Your Dishwasher

Most people are grateful for standard home appliances like the dishwasher. While washing plates by hand is not challenging, the machine makes the traditional process seem prehistoric. However, while washing away grease and grime is phenomenal, the dishwasher is so much more versatile than you may imagine. There are at least five other unique uses for this glorious device, and this article will detail each one.

Dishwashing sponge

1. Clean Cleaning Tools

Sponges, dishcloths, brooms and other tools make maintaining a clean home possible, but even these tools become dirty. What do you do when a sponge or rag becomes so disgusting that it requires the use of a hazmat suit to touch? Many people will throw the item away and buy new, but that is financially irresponsible. Instead, throw that grotesque sponge, rag or broom head into the dishwasher. The hot water, steam and soap wash away the germs and nastiness, allowing you to get even more use out of cleaning tools that you once thought to be trash.

Kid's toys

2. Wash Away Hat and Toy Germs

Hats are a great comfort in the warmer and colder months. In the summer, a hat provides needed shade and shelter from the sun, and in the winter, it gives warmth. However, how often do you wash your hat? You can use the dishwasher as a rinsing station for your hat, but do not put hats with cardboard in the brim.

Like your hat, your children's toys do not make it into the sink for a good scrubbing. Many toy manufacturers use durable plastics and dishwasher safe materials, which means you can load them into the dishwasher for a cycle to eliminate the buildup of germs.

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Dog with Toy

3. Get Rid of Slobber

While people love their pets and love to pamper them with toys, most owners do not focus on keeping those toys clean. The great news for pet owners is that pet toy manufacturers now create dishwasher-safe toys, and they label their packaging as such. However, read labels carefully because some chemicals may be harmful, and some toys may not be durable enough to handle a cycle.

Soccer Shin pads

4. Freshen Up Sports Equipment

Shin guards, elbow pads and other hard plastic materials can hold up to a full dishwasher cycle. You will want to put the items on the top rack to reduce the amount of heat, but washing grubby athletic gear can be done.


5. Rinse, Cook or Steam Food

Believe it or not, a dishwasher is a safe and effective way of handling food. When getting back from the market, you can place your fruit and veggies through a cold rinse cycle to remove the dirt and grime. You can also steam vegetables. Place a variety of chopped veggies in a mason jar with a cup of water. Place the closed jars on the top rack and set your appliance for a normal wash cycle. The veggies will come out tasty and hot in a few minutes.

Finally, you can cook a meal, salmon specifically. While it sounds crazy, a Food Network chef, Bob Blumer, created the dishwasher salmon recipe.

Dishwasher rack

While a dishwasher is a beautiful device that freed many people from wet hands, too many do not understand its true uniqueness. Consider the five uses above and see what else you can come up with. If you enjoyed this blog, then read more of The Calorie Myths for tips on health, life and appliance creativity.

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