6 Must-Read Books You’re Sure to Love This Summer

Summer is all about rest and relaxation. It's also a great time to catch up on some essential reading. Reading is not only a good way to entertain yourself on a lazy afternoon, it also educates and enlightens you at the same time. Whether you're planning a trip to the beach this summer or are just trying to expand your literary horizons, here are a few books I'm really into that might interest you as well. Hopefully, you agree!

1. Save Me the Plums

Gourmet had the distinction to be the very first U.S. magazine solely dedicated to amazing food and wine. While it ceased operation in 2009, Save Me the Plums describes editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl's experiences during her time there. Reichl began her start as a professional food quite inauspiciously but soon found herself in a corporate world very much unlike her own. This is a great read if you're interested in the inner workings of the restaurant industry or if you have a genuine love for cooking. Even better, Save Me the Plumbs also includes recipes you can try out on your own.


2. In the FLO

If you find yourself feeling blah or out-of-sorts on a regular basis, the problem could be your hormones. Hormone levels fluctuate as you age, but author Alisa Vitti has a solution. In the FLO gives you a crash course in hormones and what you can do to naturally quell the rising tides. By adopting a holistic approach to health and wellness, you can overcome things like fatigue, irritation, and PMS symptoms with ease.

3. Woman on the Edge

If you're into thrillers, Samantha M. Bailey has a real doozy for you. A woman, Morgan Kincaid, is suddenly approached by a young mother, babe in arms, on a subway platform. Just before jumping in front of an oncoming train, the young mother gives her baby to Morgan, who is then thrust into a complex situation filled with intrigue and drama. Along with trying to determine why the young mother was pushed to the limit, Morgan must also defend herself against accusations of foul play. This is a real page-turner and you'll probably find yourself finishing it off in an afternoon.

2 Minute Ritual

4. Motherhood

While the subject matter is rather broad, author Sheila Heti imbues her novel Motherhood with amazing insights sure to hit a nerve with moms everywhere. There is a tendency to gloss over certain aspects of motherhood, but Heti is fearless in her description of common issues we've all faced. At the center of the story is an experience many women have; how does one reconcile their motherly duties with their personal autonomy? While there are no easy answers, Heti forges the way with her thoughtful novel.

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5. The Blue Zones Kitchen

Blue zones are areas of the world where people tend to live the longest and have the greatest degree of health. While there are many factors in increased longevity, diet is thought to play a significant role. This is the basis behind The Blue Zones Kitchen, which includes research on the blue zone phenomenon conducted by Dan Buettner. Not only is this book informative, it's also insightful. Be sure to check out more than 100 delicious and wholesome recipes from around the world, including tasty fare from Greece and Japan.

6. The Stone Sky

There is simply not enough sci-fi oriented towards women out there. The Stone Sky, which is authored by New York Times Best Seller N.K. Jemisin, attempts to rectify that. In the conclusion to a three-book Broken Earth series, a socially segregated society on a supercontinent is subject to recurring cataclysmic events that cause devastating volcanic ash to cover the whole world. Humanity's survival is only possible through magical beings, who must navigate the fear and prejudice of others to ensure their work is completed. Be sure to pick up all three books to complete the trilogy.

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