7 Garden Tools To Simplify Your Life

Everyone loves a garden, even if it's just a tiny patch of green grass on an otherwise barren property. There's something so welcoming about plants, reminding you that you're alive. No matter how small or large your garden may be, having the right tools can help you keep it looking its best.

1. Dandelion Puller

Have you ever tried to pull up a dandelion and only broken off the stem where it meets the ground? These ubiquitous wildflowers have stubborn taproots that may be longer than the flowers themselves. Invest a few dollars in a dandelion pulling tool, and get rid of them for good.


2. Self-Watering Pot

If you have any type of container garden, you know how quickly they can dry out when the weather is hot. On the other hand, a week's worth of afternoon thunderstorms may mean you don't need to water them at all. To stay on top of your watering schedule without losing your mind, pick up a few self-watering pots that keep water in a chamber and release it into the soil as needed.

Hanging Plant

3. Pole Saw

When you need extensive tree-trimming work, you hire a professional. However, when there's a small branch that you need to cut down, and it's just out of reach, a pole saw is the tool for the job.

4. Hedge Trimmer

This small power tool looks a bit like a tiny chain saw, but its results are magical. Use it to give hedges and shrubs a quick trim and keep them tidy.

2 Minute Ritual

5. Lawn Edger

You care about how your front yard looks, so you keep it mowed and don't let the weeds take it over. However, if you'd like a simple way to add to your home's curb appeal, try edging the lawn. This push-along tool gives mowed grass crisp, clean edges, and subtly upgrades the look of your yard.

6. Blower-Vac Combination

Everyone knows what a leaf blower is, but what about a leaf vacuum? That would come in handy, right? With a blower-vac, you can skip the raking and, if you choose to bag your leaves, you'll love that this tool can mulch them down to a fortieth of their original size. That's like reducing forty bags of leaves to one.

Fallen Leaves

7. Rototiller or Cultivator

If you decide to grow a garden, you'll need to prepare the soil first. Depending on what you grow and which zone you live in, you may also want to turn the garden under at the end of the season. A tiller will simplify and speed up this job. Choose an electric model for small projects, or rent a gas-powered version for more extensive gardens.
No matter what type of garden or yard you have, think about which tools could make the biggest difference for you in ease of upkeep. If there's something you think might help, but aren't sure whether it's worth the expense, see if you can rent or borrow one to try it out before you buy.

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  1. I have a wonderful lawn group……….I go out in between and do some things. Last year, removed 175 dandelions, by the roots. We have 2 acres. This year, removing some clover.

  2. greetings,
    i use all but the pole saw!…no trees!…lol..
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