7 steps to the perfect shade of lipstick

Switching up your lipstick shade can dramatically affect your overall aesthetic. With so many rainbow hues to choose from, however, it can be challenging to find the most flattering formula for your beautiful face. Try these tips to locate the lipstick that works best for your look.

Uncover your undertones

Does your skin have warm, cool or neutral undertones? The answer will inform your lipstick choice since you'll likely look better in reds and oranges with a warm complexion and purples and blues if your skin has a cooler tone.

To figure it out, check the veins in your wrist. You probably have cool undertones if they appear blue, while green means warm. If you still aren't sure, take a tour of your jewelry collection. If you usually reach for gold because it looks great against your skin, you probably have warm undertones, while a preference for silver usually spells cool undertones.

Talk about tones

In addition to your skin's undertone, you might also want to consider the tone of your complexion while choosing a lipstick. Most cosmetic companies categorize skin tone from darkest to lightest as deep, tan, medium, light and fair. If you have dark skin, you'll look fabulous in bright jewel tones - think caramel and claret for warm undertones or plums and blue-toned reds if your undertones are cool.

Tan tones look amazing in popping shades of hot pink for cool undertones and corals and true reds if you have warmer skin. Tomato reds look amazing with warm undertones for medium-toned complexions, while mauve and berry shades are best for cooler customers.

Shape your pout

The size and shape of your smile might also dictate your lipstick choice. To plump up thinner lips, go for creamy, glossy formulas of lighter lipstick. Choose a darker color if you want to draw attention to your perfect pout.

Consider your hair color

The tone of your tresses also plays a role in which lipstick colors look best. If you're a blonde with skin on the lighter side, try lighter pinks with lilac and brown undertones or brighter pinks and peaches when you have a tan. If your hair is dark brown or black and you have fair skin, consider hot pink, plum and cherry shades. With tan and dark hair, go for the gold with bronze and beige.

Brown-haired gals with medium-toned skin look amazing in deep coral and beige hues. If you're a redhead, natural or not, try warmer shades like salmon and terracotta.

Examine your eyes

You can highlight your eyes and create a look that pops by choosing a coordinating lip color. Neutral shades of plum and nude bring out the best in gray eyes, while pink and terracotta tones will flatter your green eyes. Scarlet and cherry colors create contrast with your baby blues, while brown-eyed girls tend to like the way they look in true pinks and reds.

Get high-tech

Want to see how you'll actually look in that shade before you spend your hard-earned cash? Brands like MAC have apps where you can upload your image and virtually "try on" lipstick hues until you find your ideal match.

Try out the trends

If you love to be on the cutting edge of style, you need to know which lipstick colors are trending for the upcoming season. For example, pastel peaches and pinks, bright bold reds, deep burgundy, and warm gold are all slated to be hot in summer 2023. A gloss finish is also the cutting-edge choice, although matte lips are always a classic look.

With these smart tips to choose your best lipstick shade, you'll be ready for the runway in a show-stopping new look.