7 Tips That Work for Thinning Hair

Many women think that thinning hair is just something you have to accept. Forget that! You may not be able to change genetic factors, but you certainly can repair damaged hair, strengthen your strands and care for your scalp. Follow these seven tips.

1. Massage Your Scalp

A scalp massage feels amazing after a long day, especially in a warm shower with soothing essential oils (try diluted lavender oil for a heavenly experience). Massaging provides several benefits in addition to helping you relax. It increases blood flow to the scalp, boosting the nutrients available for healthy hair. It also helps shampoo ingredients penetrate more deeply.

Avoid the common mistake of massaging your hair, which can cause broken strands. Instead, give all the TLC to your scalp and let shampoo roll down your hair on its own.

2. Choose the Right Shampoo for Your Scalp

Make sure your shampoo meets your particular needs. Some shampoos help with volume, smoothness, root repair, hydration and strengthening.

Again, focus on your scalp, not your strands. Don’t choose a moisturizing shampoo for an oily scalp; pick one that helps with volumizing or strengthening.

What if you have a dry scalp and curly strands? Use a shampoo designed for hydration first. Take care of your curls with a second shampoo or conditioner.

3. Stress Less

Have you ever heard people say that a stressful situation is making their hair fall out? They’re not exaggerating.

The more stressed you feel, the more strands you lose. Stress hormones can alter your hair’s natural growth cycle.

Make time for rest and relaxation every week. Getting enough rest is good for your immune system and overall health, too.

It’s also important to avoid stressing too much about your hair. Seeing a bunch of strands in your hairbrush after bathing doesn’t necessarily mean your hair is thinning. It’s perfectly normal for women of any age to lose 50–100 hairs a day.

4. Take Time for Conditioner

Conditioner does for your strands what shampoo does for your scalp. Shampoo helps with cleansing and nourishing, while conditioner is designed to soften, detangle and protect your strands. That’s a big help in avoiding breakage.

5. Talk to Your Doc

Most women probably don’t think of thinning hair as something to discuss with a doctor, but your physician can be a huge help. Treating hair loss is easier when you know the underlying cause.

Sometimes, the issue is scalp inflammation, such as eczema. Hormone levels or nutrient deficiencies may be to blame. Even certain medications can trigger thinning hair.

6. Protect Your Hair

Treat your hair like it’s your favorite designer dress. Be gentle with it.

Limit washing to 2 or 3 times a week. Don’t be rough when toweling off. Forget about your blow dryer. Even if you’re in a hurry to get to work, your hair deserves a few minutes of your time.

7. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Iron and Zinc

Your follicles need zinc and iron to produce healthy and strong hair. Most of the strands you lose are because of breakage, so these strengthening minerals can make a big difference. Other hair-healthy essentials include omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. Fish, avocadoes and nuts are excellent sources.

With these easy tips, you can get back your luxurious hair. You deserve to rock the vibrant hairstyle you love.