Did You Know These 6 Fruits Can Make You Gain Belly Fat?

Don’t get me wrong — all fruit is healthy for you. According to trustworthy studies, eating a diet rich in fruit can actually lower your risk of diabetes. When it comes to these six sweet fruits, however, you need to control how much you eat:


1. Bananas

Ripe bananas are delicious, and they have lots of potassium. It’s easy to grab one for breakfast before leaving the house. The problem is that bananas are also packed with sugar. Each banana is 25% sugar!


2. Mangoes

This exotic fruit is tangy and tasty, and it helps the digestive system work smoothly with its unique prebiotic dietary fiber. Mangoes are good for your gut and immune system. Unfortunately, they’re also super sweet. One cup of mangoes clocks in at a whopping 23 grams of sugar.


3. Cherries

Don’t take away my cherries! These sweet treats are incredibly hard to resist, and that’s kind of the problem. One cup of cherries has 18 grams of sugar and not much fiber. Without realizing it, many people wolf down way more than a few.

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4. Grapes

One serving of grapes has 15 grams of sugar. So does one serving of raisins. How many are in one serving? Usually about 12–15 grapes. Do you stop after 15 grapes? I sure don’t. It’s easy to overdo things on sugar content, especially when it comes to raisins and other dried fruit.


5. Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the best sources of vitamin C and it also has a special enzyme called bromelain that’s amazing for fighting pain and inflammation. So, what’s the problem? A single cup of pineapple has 16 grams of sugar and lots of calories.


6. Coconut

Yes, coconut is a fruit. Yes, it has amazing health benefits. Coconut oil and dried flakes are rich in MCTs, unique fatty acids that can jump-start your metabolism and promote weight loss. Why did I include coconut in this list of tummy-building fruit if it helps you burn belly fat? It’s because coconut oil also has a LOT of calories per serving. Going overboard can quickly make you gain weight, not lose it.

The Bottom (Waist)line

What’s the takeaway? Eating these six fruits isn’t bad for you. Pineapple, grapes, mangoes and other fruit all have great nutrients for your body. For example, cherries help prevent gout and kidney stones. Instead of avoiding sweet options completely, you simply need to pair them with tart fruit, nuts and veggies. Sweet + sweet is just too much sugar.


The Best Fruit Smoothies

Making a smoothie for breakfast is a great idea. To maximize your health benefits and lose weight at the same time, you need to choose your ingredients carefully. Mix high-sugar fruit such as bananas with protein in nuts and fiber from veggies.

Berries are low in sugar in high in fiber and antioxidants, so they’re a great choice for any breakfast. Steer clear of parfaits made with artificially sweetened yogurt. Instead, pair Greek yogurt with blueberries, oatmeal, mangoes, spinach and orange juice for a killer smoothie. Try a combo of carrots, bananas and almonds for an awesome vitamin boost.

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  1. Excellent information. Just beginning to learn about smoothies AND bought a blender. Now all I need are some healthy, tasty recipes.

  2. Your smoothies look great, I will try and make my own. I have always been slim, but now I am nearly 85yrs and 12stone. I am a chocoholic ginger biscuit with dark chocolate. Yummy. That’s what I love.

  3. Calories are one thing. Compared to the nutrients these fruits provide, calories should be a secondary thought. There are many other high calorie foods to be cut from a persons diet before nutrient rich fruits, in my opinion.

  4. This is good to know I’ve been on this healthy balanced meal kick and have been eating a fruit and vegetable at each meal – 3 times a day.

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