Embracing Spirituality in Every Day Rituals

Counting calories, determining the dangers of sugar, or fighting about whether or not it's OK to have an egg a day are common health and diet debates and conversations, but ultimately, they are distractions. The objective of any person trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to find peace and happiness. While diet can absolutely affect mood, it is more important to deal with the psychological side of being human.

Spirituality and mindfulness are now coming to the forefront in the health and wellness community as integral components of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, too many people put their noses up at the idea of anything sounding too religious or contemplative. Thankfully, spirituality does not mean having to submit to a new set of moral platitudes. Instead, being spiritual and mindful means being present and having a purpose. It is not hard to be more spiritual or mindful; you can do it in eight simple additions to your daily routine.

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1. Intention

The primary objective of spirituality is to live with purpose. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, make an intention for the day. What do you want to focus on today? Is there something you need to address? Don't let today be empty.

Waking up with intent

2. Affirmation

Affirmations are positive and repetitive mantras that you say to yourself. Many people choose to do this in the morning while looking at their reflection, but you can do it anywhere you feel comfortable.

2 Minute Ritual

3. Meditation

While many people imagine people sitting cross-legged and humming to themselves, meditation does not need to be so cartoonist. Simply setting aside a few minutes every day to let yourself be without interruption is soothing. The idea is to focus on the moment and nothing else.


4. Nature

Some studies suggest that being in nature reduces stress and anxiety in most people. It shouldn't be too surprising since ancestral civilizations thrived in the wilderness. Take time to sit outside, or go on a walk.


5. Gratitude

Did you know that showing gratitude and being thankful can make you happy? Take time out of every day to say thank you for something. You don't have to find something significant. You can even be thankful for the sun or pleasant weather.


6. Silence

People get caught up in the noise of life. It is hard to find silence during your workday or even at home, but finding quiet is essential. You can also use silence to enhance your relationships by listening.

Silent lake

7. Prayer

While people associate prayer with religion, it does not have to be about God or a deity. Prayer can be used as a form of meditation, affirmation or gratitude; if you have never, try sitting down in a quiet room and praying or releasing your concerns out into the universe. You may be surprised at how comforting it is.

Woman praying

8. Appreciation

While appreciation and gratitude seem synonymous, appreciation is more about relationships with people. Take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate the relationships and people you have in your life. Realize how lucky you are to have family, friends and love.

Appreciating Family

While nutrition is a significant part of your physical health, you cannot neglect your spiritual health. If you want to find happiness, embrace mindfulness and your spiritual side. Continue reading the Calorie Myths for more insight.