Essential Winter Skincare Tips

I love winter, but my face doesn’t. The dry, cold air does terrible things to my skin and makes me feel like I’m made out of crumbly crepe paper. Over the years, I’ve discovered that a lot of people feel the same way I do. If you’re one of them, I have some good news for you! Through trial and error, I’ve found out how to keep my skin as smooth and soft as possible, even when Jack Frost is wreaking havoc outside.

Here are some of my essential winter skincare tips I can no longer live without. Give them a try this year and see what a difference they make in the way your skin looks and feels.


Drink More Than You Think You Need!

If I were limited to giving just one tip for beautiful winter skin, it would be to drink, drink, and drink some more! Your body needs a lot of hydration in the wintertime. The kicker is that humans tend to feel less thirsty during the cold months than at any other time of the year. That’s because you don’t spend your days actively sweating as you do in the summer. But don’t let that fool you! One of the number one causes of dry, papery winter skin is dehydration.

Your outer layer requires a lot of water to stay supple and smooth. If you notice that you tend to drink a lot less during the winter, make it a habit to bring a water bottle along with you wherever you go. Drink sips throughout the day and make sure you’re getting at least eight glasses full for optimal skin health.

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Applying cream

Add a More Nourishing Moisturizer

In addition to hydrating internally, you should also step up your moisturizer game in the colder months. Winter air outside and furnace-warmed air inside can quickly suck the moisture right out of your skin. To restore proper hydration, add a more substantial, nourishing moisturizer than you use in the summertime. Winter is the time for heavier, more substantial creams that can soak into your skin and provide the healing hydration it needs.

Bundle Up

Anytime you head outside on a cold winter day, you should cover up as much of your skin as possible. This includes wearing scarves, gloves, coats and hats. The longer you leave your skin exposed to the harsh elements, the more likely you are to experience inflammation, hyperpigmentation and the dreaded “cheek chap.” Covering your skin properly can help reduce those things.

Woman in the snow

Buy a Humidifier

Winter is the perfect time to invest in a humidifier. Set it up in your office, bedroom, or wherever you spend most of your time. The added moisture in the air can help keep your skin from drying out and can help soothe sore airways as well.

Wear Sunscreen

You may think sunscreen is not necessary in the winter because it’s not very hot outside. However, snow on the ground can actually reflect the sun’s rays up onto your face and increase your risk of exposure. That’s why it’s surprisingly easy to get sunburned when you’re out skiing or sledding. To protect your face, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you go out to play in the snow.

Healthy meal

Eat Well

Your skin pulls essential nutrients from the foods you eat. If you’re eating mostly greasy, highly processed foods, you won’t be able to obtain the nutrients required to keep your skin vibrant and healthy.

During the winter and throughout the rest of the year, try to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and other healthy foods. You should also limit sugary and highly processed foods such as fast food, pastries and candy.

These simple skincare tips are refreshingly easy to follow. Give them a try this winter and take note of the results!

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