How to build the perfect granola bowl

If you're anything like me, a good bowl of yogurt and granola is a form of comfort for you. It's just so satisfying! Although granola can be full of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, it also contains a lot of calories, a lot of carbs, and often a lot of added sugar. There is hope, though!
The good news is that you can build the perfect granola bowl, no matter what eating style you follow. With a few tweaks to a classic recipe, you can enjoy this fun comfort food without feeling like you're cheating!

Granola Bowl

1. The Perfect Keto Granola Bowl

A typical serving (six ounces) of full-fat plain Greek yogurt only has around seven or eight grams of carbs, start with that. Make sure it's plain, though, because once they start adding flavors and sweeteners, it all goes downhill. The next step is to add some grain-free granola, which you can find at natural foods stores and many mainstream grocery stores. If you want to make your own grain-free granola, try using egg whites, butter, and flax meal as a binder, since you won't be adding sugar to get all the yummy nuts and seeds to stick together. Monk fruit extract works great as a sweetener in this recipe, as long as you remember that it can be up to 200 times sweeter than sugar, so don't add too much.

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2. The Perfect Gluten-Free Granola Bowl

It's easy to make a gluten-free granola bowl, even if you can't find pre-packaged gluten-free granola. All you need to do is use your favorite granola recipe and make sure you use gluten-free oats, which are pretty easy to find at large grocery stores. Just make sure to read the labels of the other ingredients you use, including the yogurt. (Note: Oats do not naturally contain the type of gluten that you'd find in wheat and barley, but they can sometimes be cross-contaminated in processing and packaging. That's why you need to look for "gluten-free oats.")

3. The Perfect Vegan Granola Bowl

One of the great things about this modern age is that vegan yogurt is everywhere now. You don't have to make it yourself anymore unless you want to. Although there are several different types out there, vegan coconut yogurt is the one I see most often at the supermarket. Vegan granola is pretty easy to find, too, since dairy and honey are usually the only animal products in most brands of granola, and they're easy to spot on an ingredients list. You could always opt to make your own granola and use a different liquid sweetener, like maple or agave syrup, if your recipe calls for honey.

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4. The Perfect Raw Food Granola Bowl

Because it's fermented, yogurt is generally considered to count as raw food, so choose your favorite and go with it. To make raw granola, you can combine lots of nuts and seeds with chopped dates, cinnamon, and other spices (with or without oats), and process in a food processor. Ta-da!
So there you have it: the perfect granola bowl, customized for four different popular diets!