Turning Your Home Into an Insect Repelling Machine: 8 Strategies

As the weather warms, insects begin to come out in full force. No one likes to have a yard or house filled with buzzing or creepy-crawly pests. The key is to work before the weather turns to ensure your home repels insects, that it is uninviting and forces them to move on.

1. Seal Doors and Windows

The primary areas of entry are the doors and the windows. You will need to check that the sealant around these vulnerable entry points is intact. If you have any windows that lack screening, you will want to install them to help control what comes in with the cool spring breeze.

2. Repair Cracks and Seal Pipe penetrations

Most insects are tiny and can fit through minuscule cracks or separations. You will need to walk your property and inspect the foundation, structure, and roof for cracks. Use a weatherproof sealer to close any existing gaps. You should also assess the areas where pipes are coming into the house. The cutaway for pipes is often larger than necessary, leaving an opening for bugs to get inside.

3. Maintain Your Yard

Yard debris attracts insects and spiders. Piles of leaves and sticks provide plenty of hiding spaces. When the waste is piled near your home, it won't take long for bugs to make their way into your kitchen. You need to take care of your yard and ensure that any debris is removed quickly.

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4. Store Garbage Correctly

Many insects live in the trash. Garbage provides an abundant food source. When you store your trach, you need to put it in sealed containers. It is also best to keep your trash bins in a garage or shed so other critters cannot find through way into the bags.

5. Cover Other Openings

While sealing the cracks, doorways, and windows around the property helps reduce the risks of bug infestations, you also want to seal any other openings.

One opening most people forget about is the chimney. You can find a fine wire mesh to go over your chimney without restricting ventilation.

6. Keep Foundation Clear

While many people love the look of garden beds and bushes right up against their house, it is not the best thing for insect control. Bugs need shelter, warmth, and food. Bushes and other plant life close to the foundation provide everything. Maintaining a clear foundation with plants staying at least three feet away is better.

7. Declutter Your Space

You cannot forget that insects are most likely already inside your home. The best way to force comfy insects out of your home is to take away some of the sources of their comfort, like cleaning out your cupboards and the bread draw. It also might help to vacuum every day to minimize the likelihood of crumbs.

8. Make a Home for Birds and Bats

The best way to control the insect population around your home is to encourage the nesting of natural predators. Some of the most significant insect eaters are birds and bats.

While most people are OK with encouraging birds, some hit a wall when it comes to bats. However, bats are the most efficient insect predator. That's why installing a bat box is a good idea.

As the weather starts to change with spring right around the corner, it is necessary to consider ways of controlling the insect population around your house. Do you know of any more ways to repel insects? Comment below.