Top 5 Recent Skin Care Technology Revolutions

We all know it’s impossible to stay young forever. But what I’ve discovered is that it is possible to keep your skin looking youthful longer than you ever thought possible. From laser technology to lymphatic draining that reduces facial puffiness, here are the top five recent skin care technology revolutions I can’t wait to share with you.

Laser Skin Therapy

1. Laser Skin Therapy

Lasers and skin don’t sound like they go together, right? That’s exactly what I thought until I decided to give laser skin therapy a try. Though it sounds painful, it’s much gentler than you’re probably thinking. Laser skin resurfacing is a growing trend in the beauty industry because it’s so effective. It helps get rid of skin irregularities, acne scars and facial wrinkles.

The practice uses intense pulses of laser light to remove everything from age spots to unwanted skin textures. It takes anywhere between five and 21 days to completely heal from the procedure, but trust me when I say the recovery time is worth the transformation you’ll experience.

Pore suction device

2. Pore Suction Devices

My kids gifted me one of those magnifying mirrors one year. While I appreciated the thoughtfulness, I was a little frightened when I saw the pores on my nose and cheeks for the first time up close. I decided to invest in a pore suction device, and it’s one of the best decisions I have made for my skin health.

Pore suction devices use gentle suction to remove hardened oil, impurities and debris from your pores. Give yourself time to find the ideal setting for your skin. If you set the suction up too high too soon, you may end up with embarrassing red marks on your face that resemble hickies.

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3. LED Therapy Masks

The first time you see an LED therapy mask, you might mistakenly think it’s Halloween. The mask looks like something you’d see in a horror movie. But though its appearance is a little scary, it’s an amazing device that uses LED light to stimulate collagen production. With regular use, this mask can reduce inflammation in your face and promote circulation. The blue light also helps reduce bacteria that can lead to acne.

Skin rollers

4. Lymphatic Drainage Devices

Lymphatic drainage devices, or face rollers as they are often called, can help reduce puffiness in your face and may also tone and soothe your skin. They are designed to kick your lymph system into gear and reduce the inflammation that can often occur around the eyes, jawline and cheeks when your lymphatic system doesn’t flow optimally.

One of the things I like most about facial roller devices is that they are affordable and don’t require any power to use. You just roll them gently across your face in a downward motion for best results. I like to chill my rollers before use because they seem to be more effective that way, but you don’t have to chill yours if you don’t want to.

Woman's Eyes

5. Facial Toning Devices

Facial toning devices use microcurrent technology to stimulate the muscles around your brows, cheeks and jawline. As a result of this stimulation, you’ll look like you’ve just had a facelift. This is the perfect solution if you have droopy brows or if the skin around your jawline or cheeks tends to sag. Results can last up to 24 hours after each session. Don’t worry, this device feels nothing like an electric fence. The electrical current it uses is quite mild.

Now that you know about some of my favorite skin care technology revolutions, give them a try. Let me know which methods you prefer to use on your face, and why. Make sure you give each method at least a couple of weeks to work, since it takes time for these beauty tools to work their magic.

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