Eat on the Go a Lot? This Is Why You’re Gaining Weight

Does any of this sound like your daily routine?

  • Eating lunch at your desk
  • Grabbing a toaster pastry on your way out the door
  • Stopping at a drive-thru on the way to work
  • Skipping meals
  • Buying a muffin or donut while you fill your gas tank
  • Eating at weird times of day
  • Ordering fast food over your lunch break
  • Getting your “lunch” from a vending machine

If so, you’re probably noticing that it’s hard to reach that slim waistline you’ve been craving. Rushing through mealtimes makes it harder for your body to burn calories. It adds literal pounds to your waistline. Here’s why:


1. You Eat Too Much

Eating quickly doesn’t give your body time to signal when you’re full. This makes it easy to overeat. Any extra calories go straight to your waistline.

Taking your time to savor your food lets you digest what you’re eating. This balances blood sugar levels and reduces the amount of sugar turned into fat. Plus, relaxed eating prevents that nasty afternoon energy crash that leaves you reaching for caffeine.

Vending Machine

2. You Stay Hungry

Have you ever grabbed a candy bar and looked down to see the empty wrapper in your hand, but you don’t remember eating the candy bar? That’s exactly what happens when you eat on the go. Scientists have discovered that it’s not just your stomach that tells you you’re full; your brain does, too.

When your brain is distracted with something else — walking or working — you won’t feel full even if you’ve eaten enough. You’re going to have major munchies, and what happens next probably won’t make you proud.

2 Minute Ritual

3. Your Body Misses Out on Fat-Burning Nutrients

People who eat on the run often choose foods that aren’t exactly healthy. It’s tempting to grab toaster pastries, donuts, muffins or burgers and call them a meal because they’re so convenient. But they’re also nothing but empty calories that make you gain weight.

On the other hand, fresh fruit fills you up and gives your body tons of energizing nutrients. Many of these antioxidant superstars supercharge your metabolism and help you burn fat.

Eating at work

4. The Portions Are Huge

If eating on the go means swinging through a drive-thru, you have to deal with the massive portions of most fast-food restaurants. DON’T SUPERSIZE IT! Even normal burgers and fries are enough to blow past your daily calorie limits. The gigantic portions of most places can quickly undo any exercise you’ve done all week long.


What Can You Do?

How can you avoid gaining weight if you have a busy schedule? First, understand that eating on the go is dangerous and taking your time is healthy. People who rush through meals are at a much greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

If a busy schedule is the problem, cook healthy foods the night before that don’t take long to serve in the morning, such as a fresh berry smoothie. Set aside a reasonable amount of time to enjoy eating, such as 15 minutes for breakfast, and 30-45 for lunch and supper. During this time, RELAX.

If you’re at work, find a nice outdoor spot where you can sit and eat a tasty sandwich or salad. Savor the flavors, talk with friends, or just enjoy the refreshing air. This can help you lose weight, and I guarantee you will feel more productive.