Considering The Pros And Cons Of A Bidet Before Purchase

How often do you change your bathroom routine? For most people, bathroom habits don’t change much from their early years, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Recently, there has been a significant rise in interest for the bidet, a bathroom accessory with several variations and benefits.

Understanding Bidet Designs

A bidet is a sanitation tool for personal cleaning. Rather than using toilet paper, a person uses the stream of water produced by the bidet to clean their hindquarters. The bidet comes in three iterations: standalone, modern, and shower.

The standalone bidet resembles a second toilet in the bathroom but without a toilet seat. Also, a traditional design includes a faucet, so a more accurate depiction is a sink toilet. Facing toward or away from the tap, you straddle the bidet and rinse your rear.

Modern bidets are attachments to your existing toilet. You will have several buttons on the side of the seat, and when pressed, a wand will emerge from under the seat to spray your hiney.

Finally, a shower bidet is a toilet attachment resembling a shower wand. Once you do your business, you take the wand down from its wall mount and clean yourself.

Benefits of Using Bidets

Records exist about the bidet as far back as 1726, but despite the history, many people are unfamiliar or feel icky thinking about the device. However, there are several advantages to using a bidet, some that extend the personal experience.

  • Hygiene:

Bidets are undeniably more sanitary than toilet paper or wipes. Even the most hygienic person will likely leave behind particles or bits that can lead to odor, infection, or irritation. A bidet sprays the area, washing away any remnants, making it a fantastic tool for older people or those who do not have the flexibility to clean themselves effectively.

  • Environment:

Over 36 billion rolls of toilet paper go to waste every year. Using a bidet can reduce that number significantly. Bidets limit the number of rolls needed and thereby the number of trees used for creating a product responsible for eliminating an estimated 27,000 trees daily.

  • Plumbing:

If you use a bidet correctly, the device rinses away the waste. Using toilet paper to dry your hind parts is unnecessary; instead, use small cloth towels and put them in the hamper after each use. By eliminating toilet paper usage, you limit environmental impact, and you ensure you have clear and clear pipes in your home.

Negatives of Using Bidets

Bidets have several pros, but that does not mean they are without any cons. Several negatives of using a bidet include:

  • Infections:

For the females out there, wiping is not a willy-nilly process. Cleaning yourself involves limiting exposure to certain sensitive and vulnerable areas. Unfortunately, if a bidet is not measured correctly, it can lead to overspray and the spread of fecal matter, which can lead to feminine infections.

  • Installation:

While some modern bidets install quickly without significant required changes to your existing bathroom or plumbing, others might need a renovation or bathroom overhaul, especially if looking for a standalone system. Make sure your budget can afford the potential costs.

  • Learning curve:

While the bidet is a straightforward and simplistic device, it still requires practice and patience. Bidet noobs will probably experience overspray and wet clothes. The only advice is to practice and have a spare pair of underwear and pants nearby.

The bidet is a useful and, in some respects, a traditional bathroom tool. However, despite its age, not everyone will enjoy the pressure washing of their rear. 

12 Replies to “Considering The Pros And Cons Of A Bidet Before Purchase”

  1. You left one variable out: temperature control of water and warm air dry. I had always wanted a bidet for many of the reasons listed in this article. I found one, inexpensively, one line, and had my husband connect the underseat with water line to our existing plumbing. It was quite simple. HOWEVER, there was one line to connect to our cold water, and I quickly learned that cold water was unpleasant in cool weather, and using small towels to dry off then placing them in a hamper, was just not feasible in our tiny bathroom.

  2. We bought a (80$) « blue bidet«  seat to add to our toilet when we moved my elderly mother into our home from her retirement home when covid 19 started. She has arthritis and limited mobility . This has been great for her personal care independence, and less laundry for me . This has been such a great intro to bidet use that now we are buying 2 all in one unit by Toto and a seat with simpler touch buttons for my mom. ( the nob was too much for her numb arthritic hands to do consistently ). We loved that bidet seat so much we would be running back to bedroom toilet to use it during the day. Nothing like a fresh clean behind all day long. Also great if you have hemroids as no wiping needed when a jet of water does the job. Can’t believe us North Americans have been so behind the times with toilet hygiene. To think I was afraid to try the seat !

  3. Husband and I got the modern type bidets several months ago and I LOVE them!!! I haven’t used toilet paper since (unless I’m not at home)!! I wish we’d done this years ago. There’s nothing like feeling shower fresh after every trip to the bathroom!!!

  4. A Bidet is a must at all times. I grew up with a Bidet and have always known the benefits of having one. I don’t have one now because of the size of my bathroom,

    I prefer the standalone type, but I always wash after using paper for reasons listed above. It’s an ingrained habit I have picked up and carried on from childhood.

    I actually believe that they are most important for feminine hygiene particularly after relations. I don’t think they are a risk for females, especially if used properly and used as a standalone. That way you position where the water goes.

    I am a fan and don’t see any Cons, at least I feel the hygienic benefits by far outweigh the Cons and they should be fitted into all bathrooms.

    Currently the use of my shower replaces the Bidet after wiping naturally. It would be great to be able to wash with the Bidet without having to shower. Next bathroom will have a Bidet.

  5. I think every American should invest in a modern bidet!!!!
    It is worth every penny and saves you a lot of extra cleaning time. Get a good quality one that will work indefinitely..
    I do clean the bidet nozzles with a tooth brush to keep them from bacteria.

  6. I have a Bidet and it came in real handy during the shut down when the pandemic first started last year as toilet paper was a hot commodity.

    Our Bidet has a dryer feature which made it nice. You just need patience to stay on the pot a little longer.

  7. I am always FOR BIDET! I’m used to clean with soap & water (in a container) if there’s no bidet in the toilet! I can live without toilet paper as long as I have water & soap! I don’t feel clean with toilet paper! End of discussion! Thanks you!

  8. I don’t know what I’d do without my bidet. It has been around in enlightened society for eons. America is behind the curve. As usual.

  9. My granny had a bidet and I always thought a great way to get cleaned up – also especially nowadays the environmental aspect is very important.


  11. Nothing like morning coffee with the latest on bidets,
    The problems with using a bidet is it gets you real wet; and when I’m finished with the bathroom I want to be dry. So that means toilet paper is still on the menu; in fact more toilet paper, not less is required as the bidet is generous with water. Most of us take daily showers and that really works for hygienic cleaning.

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